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Skype For Android Phones!

on . Posted in Mobile

Skype_Android_LogoSkype has already been a powerhouse name in the world of mobile connectivity, especially video and voice communications. Furthermore, the presence of the Skype communication platform has been available in numerous forms up until just recently. Most popularly, Skype desktop can connect to other desktop users. This has been popular for one-on-one voice and video calls.

Then Skype made the move to mobile phones. Smart phones are evolving faster than we seem evolve in order to know how to take advantage of their benefits. With Skype for your smart phone, Android specifically, the possibility of video calling is not longer limited to the office or the home desktop! The Android operating system being partnered with Skype has opened the door to one-on-one video and voice calling between Skype users, whether they are on their phone or at the desk.

What is it about Skype that has got people all up in arms about telecommunications? Android software has enabled Skype with a couple of wonderful features: The varying views of the camera; The insertion of your Skype contacts into your own Android contact list; And even calls between Skype and non-Skype users!

Let us discuss these three options one at a time. First, many smart phones now feature a front and rear facing camera. With Skype's video calls, it makes sense that having the phone facing you they can see you as you speak. now there is an option to let your viewer see what you see (compliments of the rear facing camera).

Secondly, Skype has coupled so closely with the Android software that if you have synced your Skype contacts into your Android phone contact list you have the option of calling a Skype contact right from your Android contact list (without having to jump around applications and contact lists).

Thirdly, by purchasing extremely low Skype-minutes, you are enabled to make inexpensive phone calls to non-Skype users (yes, that certainly does includes international phone calls).

Aside from Skype's phenomenal desktop software (that opens the door to conference calling for its users), Skype for android has taken the ability of the smart phone to an entirely new level. Share video from both the front and rear of phone, seamlessly link your Skype and Android contacts, and even make international calls without having the pay the big bucks. Without a doubt, you and your business can benefit from these two powerhouse names.