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Jelli Goes Live in Las Vegas!

on . Posted in Mobile

Jelli_LogoOn June 30, 2011, Jelli arrived in Las Vegas. Attractive, vibrant and inviting, Jelli has already attracted thousands of listeners who are now devoted fans. Jelli is not a new musical performer but an innovative user-powered radio format which has taken over two terrestrial FM radio stations in Las Vegas, KXLI and KYLI, with its unique brand of real-time social radio.

This is an exciting and hopeful time for traditional radio. Jelli is revolutionizing radio, transforming it from a passive experience to an interactive world of excitement and social connection. It's like playing a massive multi-player role playing game with music!

What is Jelli? Jelli is a radically new radio format that allows listeners to decide on their favorite tracks and provide real-time feedback to the station. That's right, instantaneous listener requests actually determine the playlists on Jelli stations. Jelli stations are entirely automated, and without DJs, depend solely on listener input to decide what gets played.

How does Jelli work? It's based on a simple rating system familiar to anyone who's ever used a social network. You begin by looking through the station's database of music tracks and picking out the ones you like. For each track that a Jelli station plays, you get to vote, using your favorite mobile device or via the Web, on whether the track "rocks" or "sucks". You can discuss your choices in the forum, and decisions can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. Once you've put in enough Jelli time, you can even become a super-user and "rocket" your very favorite tracks to the top of the music chart, or "bomb" them to the bottom so you never have to hear them again.

Jelli is the brainchild of Mike Dougherty, who believes that social is the future of the internet and of American culture. As social media allow billions of people to express their needs, desires and preferences directly, Jelli uses crowd-sourcing to turn radio into another dynamic social experience. Dougherty has now partnered with Triton Media to bring Jelli into homes, cars and mobile devices. Director of product Sarah Bacon says Jelli is unlike Pandora in that you actually have the opportunity to interact with many other people rather than simply creating a personal playlist.

Some radio stations have certain time blocks devoted to Jelli, while a growing number of stations are all Jelli. With the additions of KXLI and KYLI, Las Vegas is the first city to have two full-time Jelli stations. Formerly KHIJ and KVBE, these stations will now be devoted to Jelli's rock and pop services.