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Financial Advisors Turn To Social Media

on . Posted in Online Advertising & SEO

Facebook_Twitter_linkIn_logoFinancial advisors many be asking themselves how they can legally and morally use social media such as Facebook , twitter and LinkedIn to serve their clients and potential clients as well as advance their careers.

Ethical use of social media can and does make a financial advisor more effective in business and it is possible to improve one's relationship and reputation with clients, while at the same time increasing one's income. The savvy financial advisor will work to discover the opportunities and advantages of each type of social media network.

Here are some considerations for financial advisors looking to engage in social media:

1. Consider the costs in time and money when putting any social media network into practice.

2. Study social media networks and see how best to have them interface to your advantage, to the advantage of your employer and the advantage of your clients and potential clients.

3. Look around – research successful financial advisors and learn how they use social media sites. There's no point re-inventing a process when others have already taken the journey.

4. Honor your financial organization's rules of conduct, and engage in social media with these directives clearly in mind.

5. Develop an online persona that is "the real you." People are attracted to authenticity.

6. The advantages of a social media presence are numerous. People think in social media terms, they look for information via social media networks. Social media is about an authentic means of making products and services available to the population. As long as financial advisors intend to do the best for both employer and client with their social media presence, it can only serve to be a boon to all parties.

7. Social media is timely. People expect to be able to find people and businesses with a social media presence and accessibility. What a tremendous advantage as social media is practically the equivalent to virtually free advertising.

8. Keep in mind that this is a professional presence and one is representing the business and the corporation. Even though developing an online personality is part of the milieu of social media, it's not the place for ongoing chit chat about the family.

9. Consider starting a financial business-related blog. Writing a few words a couple times a week giving solid and innovative financial advice will enrich clients and potential client's lives while building trust for both you and your corporation.