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AOL Advertising

on . Posted in Online Advertising & SEO

AOL_Advertising_LogoAmerican Online has been a cornerstone of the internet since it went online in the very first home. This company has enjoyed high peaks of service as well as multi-year slumps. After Google and other advertisement gurus begun to pick up speed in 2007, it looked like America Online was nearing the end of its lifespan. This was all until AOL took an aggressive turn for the better and began showing impressive profits in the first quarter of 2011. This had made AOL advertising the perfect option for businesses and business owners that are looking for an effective online component to their overall marketing strategy.

One of the changing points for American Online within the past few months is an increased network of advertising mediums including their news operation Patch and the acquisition of Huffington Post. These two news services have recently undergone aggressive expansion into new towns and providers across the country, allowing AOL new platforms from which to launch their AOL advertising tools.

Within the realm of online advertising and publishers, American Online is boasting some impressive numbers as of the beginning of 2011. They are currently in partnership with 91 of AdAge's Top 100 advertisers and 74 of comScore's Top 100 publishers are in their network as well. For businesses looking to expand their reach, this means that AOL advertising has more websites, dynamic ads, and the ability to reach more people with clearer information.

Another key point when determining to advertise with AOL is their rights to a substantial amount of information. America Online's dominance in the internet for so many years has resulted in their vast resources and mediums. From their instant messaging system to an email with tens of millions of users, they have the ability reach countless customers over multiple platforms. They also utilize a team of 50 researchers and developers to create a dynamic system of offering the correct ad to the best customer at the right time.

Whether a business is looking to expand their advertising campaign or become worldwide ad publishers, AOL has become an outstanding tool. Their teams has streamlined the process of signing up, developing ads, and reaching the correct demographics at a great price.