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Disney And Facebook- Two Powerhouses In The Entertainment Industry

on . Posted in Social Media Marketing & Strategy

DisneyDisney is one of the biggest employers in the world. The Disney Crporation owns many theme parks all over the world and the ABC TV network. Like most other businesses, Disney has joined the world of social media through one of the most popular social media networks, Facebook. The Disney Crporation has its own Facebook page as well as having Facebook pages for Disneyland and Disneyworld. There is a separate page for Disney movies, Pixar, which Disney owns, and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. With such a presence on Facebook, Disney has millions of fans following each of their pages.

The Disney Facebook page features pictures of Disney characters as well as interesting facts and statistics about the company. They get thousands of comments on each status update they put on their various pages. Their Facebook page advertises new movies that Disney is releasing as well as classic Disney movies. Disney's Facebook pages also include links to their pages on other social media sites. The various Facebook pages also give out the address and contact information for Disney's offices and theme parks, in addition to offering quizzes about Disney characters and movies.

The Disney Pixar Facebook page contains screenshots from their movies and gives their fans access to trailers for upcoming Disney Pixar movies, as well as including behind the scenes exclusives from some of their movies. Ticket give-aways also appear on the Disney Pixar Facebook page, giving fans a chance to win tickets to the newest Disney Pixar release and information about release parties for movies opening soon.

Each Disney movie gets its own Facebook page to help advertise the movie and get fans excited about upcoming releases from the company. Fans can find out when their favorite Disney movies will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Disney has had unprecedented success due to the advent of social media. Fans can interact with other fans and with the company, in ways that were unheard of in the early days of Disney. Facebook has made it easy for fans to share their favorite Disney movies and characters with people all over the world.