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Protect Your Business’s Trademark On Twitter

on . Posted in Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Twitter_BirdWhether you are just starting your business or you are an established company, becoming a presence in social media can be an important step in the promotion of your endeavors. Understanding your options is important, as is interacting with your customers and protecting your trademark. Making the most of your Twitter account is essential in reaping the benefits of social media.

Twitter's beta verification program is now closed, no word on when it will be open to the public again. For now Twitter does not have any options for business owners to verify their accounts. This means that there is no official way for customers to know your Twitter is authentic for your business. However, by making your account has high visibility, you can ensure that customers know the account is linked to your company. Placing links from your website to your Twitter account assures that your customers will be directed to the correct account. These links can also be made from your associated Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, or your blog.

When building your Twitter profile, it is vital that you place your brand throughout. Within the profile, note that the account is the official account of your business. Use your company logo, colors, and slogan to help your customers identify the account easier. Customizing your Twitter profile can help to protect your trademark.

While Twitter does not allow you to reserve a Twitter name, there are some options if you have a more common business name. If a Twitter account has a similar name to your trademarked business and they are seemly trying to confuse your customers into following their account, a request can be made directly to Twitter.

If the account is found to be intentionally misleading your customers, Twitter may suspend the account and in turn give you access to the name. Understand that if the Twitter powers-that-be find the account is simply confusing but not misleading, they may give the account user time to rectify the situation and maintain the account. If someone has an account under the trademarked name of your business, Twitter has no commitment to transfer the ownership to you.

Using your Twitter account can benefit your business greatly. Being able to interact with your customers, promote your products and ideas, and provide assistance. Maintaining the trademark of your business is important, allowing your customers to find you easily and network you to their friends and family. By using the appropriate means of trademark security, your business Twitter account can achieve its maximum benefit.