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Hugo Chavez - First Venezuela, Then the World...of Twitter

on . Posted in Social Networking & Communications

hugo-chavez-in-uniformSometimes the task of managing all of your social media tasks can be daunting and overwhelming.  But how many of you out there would consider hiring a small army to manage them?  And by small army, I don’t mean one, two or even three people to help you out. Nope, I am talking in the hundreds, over 200 to be exact. Seem a little overboard? For Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, doing such a thing seemed like the perfectly logical move.  

Chavez, who only recently joined the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, is ordering followers to use their social-networking sites to fight opposition views.  "The opposition thinks it owns the social networking sites. They think Twitter and Facebook belong to them," said Diosdado Cabello, head of the state-run telecommunications regulator. Chavez has been struggling with low approval ratings, and with an upcoming September election, he is looking to the Internet to gain momentum.
Chavez's verified account is here. As of this morning, he had 265,263 followers and is on 8,507 lists. Chavez himself is following a whopping six people. Not surprising, one of those is an account tied to Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who happens to be Chavez's mentor.