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Don't Forget Your Email Signature in this Web 2.0 World

on . Posted in Website & Creative

signatureBusiness card overload? Remember your email signature!

For most people, they're just an afterthought, but I'm always forgetting where I put my cards or just not bringing enough with me to events. For an easy and quick way to make a connection, email is great when you're caught unprepared, not to mention its vital role in day-to-day business.

You can add as much information as you want to your signature. Besides the usual phone number, fax number and address, be sure to include your company logo. As well, your signature is a perfect place to add some social media marketing flair.

Remember to include links to your social media assets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as your instant messaging names.

Analytics on your website are a given (and if you don't have a way of measuring traffic and where your visitors are from, contact us by clicking here!), but you can also use a service like to shrink the URLs in your links and gain the ability to see statistics on those links. is a free service important for bloggers and Tweeters because the shorter links fit in smaller spaces and also allow you more space for content, which is important if you only have 140 characters to work with. And if you're stuck with a long URL for your company site, there's no better tool than to give you a smaller one you can customize and include in your email signature.

Finally, you can use WiseStamps to "empower your email signature", according to the company.

It helps you quickly create an HTML footer for Web-based email clients like Gmail and Yahoo. Once installed on your browser, there are four tabs that contain easy-to-use forms for adding different icons and your contact information and logo. The coolest part are the apps. You can quickly add a live feed of your latest tweet or blog post, recently StumbleUpon finds, latest product you're selling on eBay and more!

One thing that was disappointing is that the Twitter and RSS feeds are not dynamically generated by the code but by the app itself each time you compose an email so no-go on super cool emails from my desktop email client like Outlook.

In the end, creating a dynamic email signature is easy, quick and universally understood while giving you the ability to include any information and branding you desire.