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7 Ways to Print Social Media Content

on . Posted in Website & Creative

Facebook_Social_Media_BooksWith social media sites such as Facebook becoming more and more popular for both individuals and businesses, it is no surprise that a number of services have become available that allow users to preserve digital content on paper. Here are seven of the best options.

1. JotJournal
Within two minutes, JotJournal will arrange recent posts and photos into a 32-page, glossy, 8”x8” book. JotJournal features bright, colorful designs that look current and professional.

2. EgoBook
Integrated into a simple Facebook application, EgoBook creates personalized books from status updates, posted and tagged pictures, wall messages, links and even comments from Facebook. EgoBook features a personalized cover incorporating a user's profile picture and biography overlaid on a mosaic of friends' profile pictures.

3. Social Memories
Social Memories is another Facebook application that both records and analyzes Facebook content. Social Memories creates fun and sleek infographics illustrating social trends and highlights, and compiles them along with photos and status updates in a 28-page, professionally-bound book printed on glossy stock.

4. Social Print Studio
Social Print Studio offers a number of social media printing services, including poster-size prints of Facebook friends or albums, Twitter followers, or even Tumblr posts. They also can create Mini Photo Books or Lil' Stickers of images from a number of social media sites, making this a versatile service.

5. Yearbound
Yearbound is like a yearbook for Facebook that produces hardbound or paperback books that are highly customizable, featuring profile information and pictures, photo albums, status updates, wall posts, and notes from a year in a Facebook life.

6. Book of Fame
Book of Fame produces blank journals that have Facebook status messages printed along the bottom of each page. The covers of these journals feature a mosaic of profile photos or one of many colorful, contemporary patterns.

7. Yearly Leaf
Yearly Leaf is a coming-soon service that produces high-quality books full of Facebook posts, pictures, and status updates. With a design inspired by Moleskine journals, but with the feel of a coffee table book, Yearly Leaf is a luxury option for printing social media content.

These services can be used by businesses to create high-quality printed versions of social media content for use in sales pitches or meetings, bringing valuable content off the Web and onto the page. Social media companies